I was born in Boston November 24, 1934 in Boston. My parents, Oz and Allie Willauer had an apartment on Beacon Hill (address?). Ozzie was in graduate school, I think. There was champagne ordered for delivery to the apartment, and the same man delivered champagne to a different apartment 30-odd years later when Langley was born. We lived in that apartment for a couple of years, then moved to Dedham, Massachusetts.

The first house in Dedham stood where the parking lot is now behind the courthouse, downtown, behind the square. I remember watching Oz shoveling coal into a furnace in the basement before going to work. There was a big sledding hill across the street, which became a lot smaller as I grew. Ozzie almost died then...had Coumadin (warfarin), was the second or third person in the country to have it. Got the drug in Canada and drove like hell to Boston.

Ozzie’s senior thesis was a design for a Naval Air Base and a construction company took it and built it. Then the company had a plant to build in Marietta, so quickly moved (in the summer). Just before they moved a hurricane came through and took the roof off the house, ruining all the furniture and a baby grand piano (early 40’s). They had already moved, but the stuff was still there. Granny was crushed. Allie could play the piano and sing...had crates of sheet music. Like Claire Rimmer...could play and sing. Got another piano in Dedham...I remember her playing there. She liked jazz and ragtime.

Lived in Houston 1938-39. I was thrown out of first grade. I couldn’t understand them, and I was left handed. We had a nanny named Deedee Odessa. One day she came in while I was on the pot and said, “we’re being robbed!” She picked me up and went out the back, while the robbers came in the front.

Once she took Granny’s cigarette case and then got stabbed...or shot...and the case saved her...she reported this to Granny. In Houston, Ozzie was part of the firm Wortz, Calhoon & Willauer.

I remember Driving around in the desert with Ozzie. He bought a block of ice and put it in front of the radiator, the car was an old Ford woody. And I remember he had a compass.

Each summer we would take the three-day train ride to Prouts. We packed everything into a couple of big steamer trunks, with Chip and Alice We’d change trains in St. Louis; I’d own the train by the time we got here, raising hell.

From Houston we moved to Corpus Christi, Texas.

In Corpus Christi we lived in a crappy little house in the field. It was bug city, like scorpions in the bathtub in the morning. We put the legs of the table in jars of water to keep the bugs off. But one night we left a cord hanging down, and in the morning, the cake was gone. I slept on a sleeping porch. And as it was during the war, we had blackout curtains. I cut out pictures of airplanes and put them on the wall, and we built models out of balsa wood and tissue paper. Once we set eight mouse traps and they’d all go off, so set them again, and they all went off again. So we went to bed.

After Corpus Christi we moved to Marietta, Georgia, then Smyrna, Georgia, and then Arlington, Virginia We moved back to Dedham in January of 7th grade, 1948.

I was in the class of 1952 at nobles.

I remember when Charles Lowell Homer’s wife Georgiana (Mary George Clark) died. I remember her dying in Granny’s room at the Ranch.