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We're live in the den in Cushing, watching mum sleep. We've been 24 hours without getting sick (Hooray!). This due to Doctor POW, the Hospice nurse, and the doc working hard to get the meds right. Mum is resting peacefully, interspersed with moments of lucidity. She wakes up, figures out she's got all of us around her, and makes some protest, but not much. POW got 9 hours of sleep last night, and the watches are set for tonight:
2200-0000 Cathy
0000-0200 Dowzer
0200 Meds., Dowzer as assistant
0200-0400 Kirsty (Mum's hospice volunteer)
0400 Meds., Kirsty & POW
0400-0600 POW

The whole Hospice program has been amazing, providing support to all. Those of you local to Maine, Carol Rohl is coordinating the calendar for watchstanders.
Love and g'night, Langley & Cathy

Langley & Cathy Willauer <langley@geoconnections.com>
Hope, ME USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 23:00:44 (EST)
Peter and Betty,
Like so many, I check this site daily. Like so many, I have been enriched by the privelege of communing in this intimate sharing of loving thoughts. Like so many, I was inalterably changed by the community you both created. It will always be a touchstone for me and as it is, so will you. Sending love and strength, wishing you peace.

Leslie Ward <lcolisward@aol.com>
Ridgefield, CT USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 22:22:50 (EST)
Dear Peter and Betty, Joanna and I are in agony for you. It
is so difficult to feel your pain and to imagine walking in
your shoes. I owe so much of who I am to you and Seamore
Alden, I hate knowing that you are in pain. When we were
sailing we were young with wide eyes to the world around
us. We met wonderful people like you and t the same time we
had to come to peace with the reality that life was a gift
from God and tenuous. We had to do our best and trust our
lives to the palm of His hands. In dealing with this reality
I have an absolute conviction that our measure for a successful
effort is that contribution which we leave behind in the
process of passing through. Peter and Betty, individually
and as a couple you HAVE made this place so much better for
having passed through. The example, The leadership, the lives
you have created, the lives that you have touched. There is
glory for treating the gift of life with such respect. Well
done, thank you, know our love and find the peace you so
richly deserve.

Phin Sprague, Jr. <pys@server.nlbbs.com>
Cape Elizabeth, Me USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 18:11:48 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter:
I have been able to monitor on a daily basis all that has been happening as my daughter has easy access to B-Mom.com at her work. What a wonderful web page designed by Langley. The many entries are certainly a great tribute to both of you.

I know exactly what you have been going through. As is true of both of your lives, you have been truly remarkable in dealing with what has faced you.
I think of you both daily. I think of our roomate days in college; of Betty's trips down from Smith; the reunions and football games; the summer you offered me the position of camp doctor in the early stages of Outward Bound, long before my son attended the program.

Memories are what sustain us expecially in the most difficult times. There is a gentle Danish expression, " To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die". Betty will always be with us.
With love and prayers to you and yours, Randy

Randall F. Hipple <direcdev@microserve.com>
Williamsport, PA USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 16:31:00 (EST)
Settling in at the office to catch up with B-Mom.com in a now familiar pose: mouse in one hand, tissue in the other, grateful too for this space to grieve with everyone.

At the end of a clear day, some time after sunset, but before the night comes, one can see all the colors of the rainbow in the sky. Starting high in the east, the deep violet of night gives way to the last of the blue high in the west. Then there's a thin band of subtle green which quickly turns to yellow and then orange as one looks toward the western horizon. On the horizon there's a deep red, closest to the where the sun lies below.

And so that time has come. We are gathering in Cushing, setting the watches, two people around the clock, professional nurse friends of Betty's most welcome of all. By late tonight, weather permitting, we'll have Charlie and Gale, David, and me, plus Ann and Brad and Chip.

And through it all, Mum's right there, being a trooper despite the narcotic haze. Last night she wanted to brush her teeth after being sick. The equipment was gathered and she was presented the prepared toothbrush, with Carol holding the bowl. Then, while brushing, she says "ats ot aye oosh uth" which we quickly translate into "That's not my toothbrush". And today when David, sitting with mum, was offered soup by Kirsty, mum perks up and says "what kind of soup?" And so she has four spoonfuls of soup before sleeping again, her first food in two days.

The meds seem to be doing better now; as of mid-afternoon she hadn't been sick to her stomach since 2200 last night. So the day has been quiet and restful. She's very weak, and very, very thin, but comfortable in the bed by the fire in the den. The energy in the house has changed, a peace has come over it.

More soon. This little family is strengthend no end by knowing you are all out there. Love, -lw

Langley Willauer <langley@geoconnections.com>
Hope, ME USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 16:23:45 (EST)
Peter and Betty,

I was just checking in to see how you both are doing. All I can do is keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Peace to you in this new year.

Beth Deane <macbeth@midcoast.com>
Thomaston, ME USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 12:45:44 (EST)
Betty and Peter,

My family and I all were delighted to see you both at the lively holiday concert in Camden just before the holiday. Thank you for the moment, Betty, for us to re-connect but briefly. It seems that with the spirit of the Congregational Church filled with friends of this community all in the holiday mood, with music created by talented folks and wonderful friends including Carol Rohl playing Celtic harp, with the sparkle of your eyes, Betty, the beauty of your face, the gentleness of your energy, holding on and letting go.... I will hold our hug forever. Thank you. Light and Love, Cate

POW, I will contact Carol Rohl to learn when I am needed. I will come to care as often as I can in the next days. Feel free to call me in anytime, I'm just up the road. Cate

Cate Cronin <cronin@midcoast.com>
Rockport, ME USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 12:05:18 (EST)
Peter --- As your room-mate for four years in college, I
was always aware of what a kind, thoughtful and rock-steady
person you are. However, as I see, albeit from a distance,
how you are handling this very difficult current situation,
I marvel at your strength, compassion, dignity, grace and
loving spirit. I am truly proud and feel very fortunate to
be able to call you a friend for life.

Betty --- Joan's and my prayers are with you. Have a safe
and joyful journey. Godspeed, my dear.

With much, much love always,

Peter (aka Freckie).

Peter Freck <pfreck@mitre.org>
Fairfax Station, VA USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 11:13:09 (EST)
Dear Peter and Betty,
I check this site every day, though I think Betty hardly
knows who I am. Betty and you really are at the core of this
extraordinary community we call Outward Bound. It has meant
everything to me in my life. I count myself incredibly
fortunate. I can only add my voice to that resounding,
heartfelt "Thank You". As with so many others, you are ever in my
thoughts and in my heart. I wish you peace.

Julie Head <djourney@midcoast.com>
Camden, ME USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 10:14:58 (EST)
Thinking of you, all our love to you

Arthur Pearson <apearson@allenergy.com>
Bemont, MA USA - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 09:54:35 (EST)
I am learning that there is a catharsis in being able to write and share what is happening. Today the hospice nurse said that Betty is having difficulty letting go..trading heavier medications for continuous vomiting...and I find that I am having trouble letting go too...letting her go. She will never again really be coherent, and so in a way she is going. I am assuming now that she will not read this, and for those of you that have written in this week, I have been reading her the entries, but I am afraid she is not taking it all in. For the last 3 days she has been difficult to stabilize, now with an intestinal blockage, no food or fluids going in, and an unbelievable amount coming up. Mess. Her pain is in the upper GI track, mouth, throat etc. Hope tonight she will settle down, but hasn't yet. Carol Rohl and Jan Taft are here giving me a spell, and as of today I have asked that someone or more be here 24 hours now...I can't handle it all and keep the meds straight. Waning moon, below zero, life seeping away. She seems but a ghost to look at, a shock for friends and family to say the least. Occasionally she perks up and comes out with some amazing flashbacks and comments. What a final expedition. Linda Tripp and my hospice volunteer took down the Christmas tree today - I couldn't face it. Eliza is here a lot and others are coming in now. Family will all be here starting tomorrow for visits. Thanks again for all you have shared. Stay in touch with each other. Peace. More later. POW

Peter Willauer <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, ME USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 22:43:20 (EST)
Dear Peter and Betty-- What a wonderful way of communicating. Thank you for setting this up and allowing those who have been touched by you share in what is a sad but deeply meaningful experience for your family. I have thought of you a great deal since I learned from Peter of Betty's situation but did not really know the best way to be in touch till Fred Clifford told me of this web page.
(I wrote you a few minutes ago but I believe I deleted the message by mistake, so if you get two nearly identical messages from me, you'll know why.)

I am writing you from my new office at my new job in the Philanthropy Office at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA, where I started December 7th. I am still living in my Nobles house but moving January 22 to a really nice (and smaller) apartment in Cambridge (in the Avon Hill area, up near Radcliffe quad). It will be good to be in the quasi-city rather than in the suburbs of Dedham (where not much happens, except at Nobles).

Please know that your many friends in the Noble and Greenough community are thinking of you, admiring you, feeling for you. Certainly I am. With warmest affection, as always, Piper

Piper Morris <piperm@caoecod.net>
Dedham, MA USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 16:01:00 (EST)
Dear All,here is a poem by William Stafford that has been
on my mind for a long time. Time to let it emerge from my
tattered readings book.

Our Story

Remind me again-
Together we trace our strange journey,
find each other, come on laughing.
Sometime we'll cross where life ends.
We'll both look back as far as forever,
that first day.
I'll touch you - a new world then.
Stars will move in a different way.
We'll both end. We'll both begin.

Remind me again.

Eric Buck <ebuck@gsc-inc.com>
Austin, TX USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 09:24:03 (EST)
Dearest Betty & Peter,
Am back from Hawaii and able to check in with greater ease than using our hosts' computer. Not being in touch surely hasn't meant you haven't been in my thoughts. Gazed at a beautiful Pacific sunset the other evening as we looked west toward Diamond Head.... and thought of you. Saw more of the humpbacks on their annual visit to the Hawaiian Islands...The majesty, grace and playful antics of these beautiful creatures made me think of you and the Atlantic's creatures you have at your doorstep. It makes me realize how lucky we have been to have the oceans a part of our lives. They humble, soothe, amaze and delight all who are privileged to live near them. I hope your Atlantic is soothing you. Thinking of you always ..with love....Nat

Nathalie Talbot <nathalietalbot@worldnet.att.net>
Anchorage, Ak USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 22:10:41 (EST)
It's the twelfth day of Christmas - the Epiphany. The journey of the wise men came to a close on this day. As the Magi came to the end of a difficult journey with joy, and premonition of the great changes to come, I hope you are able to feel joy as you near the end of your journey, though the path is surely difficult now. From our end, one of the great joys of B-mon.com is that as some of the many people whose lives you've touched check in to share with you some of their feelings, memories and wishes for you, you and they are able to share them with us all, drawing together many whose lives had drifted apart. In your swan song, you are again and wonderfully invigorating and reuniting members of a community of the past, adding perspectives of FOBs (friends of Betty's) who didn't know each other before, but maybe do, a bit, now. Another way we're in your debt, and glad to be. Thank you.

Jack Morton <jgmorton@aol.com>
Melbourne, fl USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 21:16:53 (EST)
Dear Willauers
Just wanted to check in and let you know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I check in at the site daily and it is as usual such a warm and wonderful "site" to visit. Such lovely thoughts and comments about you both Peter and Betty. My love to you both. Caroline

Caroline Morong <beanie@midcoast.com>
Camden, mMe USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 21:12:40 (EST)
Peter and Betty, though I only know you both somewhat peripherally, it has been over a long time (since I did my first stint as "island doc" during close-up week 1976). Although I had read about Outward Bound and was fascinated with the concept, nothing could have prepared me for the "real thing" - even as a one-week visitor. The calm in the eye of the storm might be one appropriate metaphor as well as "one of the significant centering forces of our world". Over the years as I was able to return as island doc and observe the work being done with persons of all ages and from all backgrounds I remain feeling lucky to have crossed paths with you two and your creations as you are truly a team. Having been a "temporary staff person", consumer (Organized PDP at TIOBEC for my physician group at Boston City Hospital), and member of the corp for HIOBS I believe I can speak as somewhat of a proxy for the thousands of people whose lives have been touched by your creations by saying thank you for the great unconditional love that you have shared. The world has become a better place thanks to your presence and you are forever within all whose lives have been touched by your life.

Kris Arnold <karnld@bu.edu>
Lexington, MA USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 18:01:15 (EST)
I love you betty, thinking of you today. Tori, Chase and I just got back from skating on the "pond" on Thompson Island. I had little chase in a back pack and the dog's running around. Thought of the times our families would get together and play hockey. I found myself thinking of whether tori and I would produce so many hockey players like you and mom!! I have fond memories of skating on the pond by your house, I remember one game of POW's against WBW's. We got so competitive that Dowzer and I smashed into each other wiped out and my ring was flattened on my finger. Good thing it was easy to unflatten. Little chase is thinking hard on making the move to walking. he's SO MUCH FUN to play with, hide and seek and "chase" are his favorite. He know's when he's not supposed to be somewhere. Wouldn't you know he still goes there anyway!!! Not supprising! I am reading "Tuesday's with Morrie",a book that you were reading the last time I was up there. It's a wonderful book, and when you look at this web site you can see what a teacher, mentor and friend you have been to all of us, like Morrie was to the author of the book. Again I miss you and Love you betty. Hugs and Kisses from all of us here, Peg (tori, chase, ben and TOm)

Peg Willauer-Tobey <pegandtom@worldnet.att.net>
Thompson Island, MA USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 10:49:53 (EST)
I check in on the log book often, but it been a while since I wrote. I spoke with Lang on New Years. We had tryed to get together over the holidays but confusion set in. Paul, Emma and I went to Vinalhaven on Saturday (one of the coldest
days yet) to visit Dad (Dan Bickford) He has not quite
figured out this Internet stuff but was interested to hear
about the site. He proceeded to tell stories to Emma and I
about visiting Betty while he was in high school. I never
realised he knew you then. It always amazes me how far back your friendship with Dad goes. You both have been a great
strength to him over many years. I really appreciate that.
Keep up the good work. Best to all. Jula

Jula Sampson <Sampsnwood@AOL>COM>
Lincolnville, ME USA - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 14:50:16 (EST)
Hi you two:

We continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers. When I think of Outward Bound you are the first image that comes to mind. Getting ready for an Enterprise meeting next week and am so grateful that you encouraged my involvement. Mary Ann MacDonald has left, as I'm sure you know, and so it is all a bit different now. We are definitely sailing to Spain in May - good crew - including our Spanish friend Alfredo who sailed east to west with Nancy back in '92 and came with us to Bermuda. He's bringing a memeber of the Spanish Americas Cup team to give us some muscle. We have always hoped for the chance to sail with you. Who knows?
Nancy takes an unpaid leave in April and I'm working at Gateway Financial Group - investment banking and venture capital - and will take the time off we need to spend some time in the Azores on our way over. Who would have guessed that I would be back working in the business where my career began in 1960. After Spain we haven't a clue,maybe leave the boat there for a year and bring it home in 2000 or have a crew bring it back and park it in the Caribbean. Might be nice. We sold our place in Maine so don't get up your way. We miss you and send best wishes and love, Bill and Nancy

Bill and Nancy Ames <alderyacht.com>
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 14:35:03 (EST)
Peter -- thank you so much for the updates. I've returned from Christmas and New Years with family and rushed immediately to read of the entries to B-Mom.com that I had missed while gone. I thought of you and Betty often, and missed my at least daily check of this web site. (Thank you again Langley for setting this up.) The previous entries say it so much more eloquently, but on this frosty morning here in Cambridge I am thinking of you. And sending all my love, Jay

Jay Braatz <braatzma@gse.harvard.edu>
Cambridge, MA USA - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 12:16:46 (EST)
We are all so grateful for the updates, Peter. According to
Langley's statistics, this page is getting many daily visitors!
I'm glad you can feel the concern and affection and energy that
is collectively coming your way. Sometimes I print out your updates and
pass them on to caring friends of yours not on the Internet. God bless
you, Betty. You are always in our hearts and prayers. Sending you much love,
Mary and Jeff

Mary Wheelwright <maryw@midcoast.com>
Camden, Me USA - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 10:40:01 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter and Charlie and David and Langley,
I have been reading through the Logbook and wondering what to say and having trouble completing a message. I think it is because it is so simple. I just want to say, Thanks! Each of you, but especially Betty and Peter, has had a profound and good effect on my life and I am deeply grateful, even if I have not always seemed so.
What a thing it is to have affected so many lives in such a profound and positive way! What a gift to have created this community! Thank you, thank you.
With love and light,
Peter C (DDM)

Peter Coburn <pcoburn@cli-usa.com>
Lyme, NH USA - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 08:02:57 (EST)
In keeping with my effort to be more diligent with the up-dates, and realising how many of your check in each day, here goes...Betty is a lot weaker today, according to those who had not seen her since Friday - and me. Also, with more meds she is a little more out of it more of the time. Difficult to strike a balance,and I got another hour of briefing this morning from the hospice nurse...trying to keep it all straight. Fortunately there are alternate ways to give the meds when they do not stay put! She has a partial blockage in the GI track, and is working on about half the lungs. Another tap is not likely. Doc may visit her at home this week...not likely that she will be going out. I'll read her mail to her, so keep in touch. You have all been terrific - what an amazing community. Love from Cushing under a big moon over icy fields. POW

Peter Willauer <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, ME USA - Monday, January 04, 1999 at 23:12:08 (EST)
Some have inquired about how much traffic the site is getting. So, in this age of technology, here are some numbers. We're very grateful for all the support. These numbers are for you mum!

Number of hits: 10459
Number of pages viewed: 3399
Number of estimated visits: 1890
Number of visits per day: 40
Number of visits per week: 281
Number of visits per month: 1235

Langley Willauer <langley@geoconnections.com>
Hope, ME USA - Monday, January 04, 1999 at 22:19:28 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter,
I sit here looking out at the Puget Sound from my back deck and think of how much both of you and the HIOBS community changed my life when I was just a brash young pup just a few years out of Vietnam. You welcomed me into your fold and gave me work that let me feel needed and appreciated, the first time anyone had extended their hand to me since leaving the Marine Corps. I'll never forget the feeling of comfort and acceptance you and HIOBS gave me, and only recently have I come to understand how important that was during that confusing and turbulent period of my life. Betty, I applaude your strength and skill and good humor, and only hope I can follow your example when my time comes to deal with being called Home. I find that I think of you and Peter daily lately.
God Bless You, Greg and Shirley

Greg Root <nnc@waypt.com>
Port Townsend, Wa USA - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 01:03:20 (EST)
Dear Betty, Peter and all Deckhands
You have all sailed many storms together and I with pride and joy can say I have had the opportunity to sail some of those with you. Alas, this is one storm that will be the most difficult of all. Betty, you seem to have taught me some where along this journey that the only harbor of safe refuge is in ones mind. My hope is you are safely anchored in a tranquil cove, with a setting sun , a light breeze, plenty of scope and good friends and family aboard. I will still paln to chase 8 Bells around the bay searching . We think of you often, Fair winds and Fair tides, all our Love Bob and Wendy

Bob and Wendy Weiler <user980442@aol.com>
Camden, Me USA - Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 23:02:58 (EST)
Happy New Year to each and everyone one of you from the cold coast (-7 this morning). Updates are difficult, but I promise to get better, and perhaps more frequent. After a wonderful "series" of Christmas visits from all the family, we have settled into a new routine with Betty now spending more time in a hospital bed which Brad and I set up in the den in front of the fire. Betty can see the trees and fields, now snow covered, and I am planning to add some additional bird feeders to that corner of the house (at the suggestion of David Fowler!). This new bed allows her to raise her legs some (they are almost too large for the elastic stockings now) and to rest and sleep with her back raised 30 degrees (which helps the breathing, etc). The ultrasound last Thursday showed too little fluid to drain, so we'll probably have another look next week. She's on the oxygen more, has trouble with acididy from a stomach that insists on working mostly backwards; but otherwise is mostly pain free. Eating, or "grazing" as she now calls it, a smitch. Betty is mostly awake from 9ish to 11 or so in the morning; from 1:30 or 2 untill 4pm and from 6:30 or 7ish until 9 or 10pm. She is not able to read all her mail each day, but has the energy for it from time to time, so keep writing in the log, of if you prefer, her own e-mail. While she is a lot weaker, she can move around the house, and her spirits are pretty great given the situation. Part of being the perfect patient and role model for us all is letting go more and trying to enjoy each moment. And so she is in her own very special way. Betty will say that the above is too much detail, but you all seem to want to know what's ha ppening downeast as the days are getting longer, even though hers are sadly shorter. Take care, and keep in touch. We both feel all the energy. POW

Peter Willauer <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, Me USA - Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 18:56:01 (EST)
Dear Betty, Peter & Crew,

Just a quick check in today.....Betsy and I and 2 of our three kids have just returned from our Christmas road trip to our families in Pennsylvania. Almost before the bags are in from the car I feel myself hasten to the computer to check in with B-Mom, and am warmed on this bitterly cold day by the love and warmth I knew that I would find here. Again, this huddle around the fire by and for all of us is a very noble and loving gift which you have given yourselves and those who love you. I'll check back in in a few days, but wanted to send our love and our very best wishes for right now and the year ahead. Holding you in the light..XOXO Peter

Peter Ralston <ralston@mint.net>
Rockport, ME USA - Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 07:28:48 (EST)
Dear Betty, POW, and family,
It's the water, always the water. Nick and I took a 32' lobster boat from Tenants Harbor to Port Clyde today and it was great. Yet one thing was missing, and that was you. The many times we have crossed paths has been on or near the Ocean. It's been little more than a year since Katie and I went ashore on Hurricane and ran into you and Peter, but instead of a coup we talked about the health news you had just found out about. I can not be as eloquent as many of our acquaintances, I can only tell you how much having you as a friend these past twenty years means to me. Can't wait until we meet on the water again.
Much love. Chip, Katie, Nick, and Megan

chip bauer <kbauer@mint.net>
Rockport, ME USA - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 22:56:38 (EST)
Dear Betty,
I have been away for ten days to visit children at Christmas,and have not been able to check in until today. It is wonderful to find so many messages of warmth and love and hope from around the globe, some from people I know expressing themselves eloquently. This New Year's day dawns bright and crisp and cold as befits a January day in Maine, I hope you will enjoy it.

With warm love,

Toby Tobin <wtobin@nlis.net>
Portland, ME USA - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 10:37:29 (EST)
Dear Betty and all,

At the dawn of this New Day, New Year... we awoke to see the sweetest agile wallaby in our paddock looking into our bedroom with a very serene and comforting expression, it was as though it was saying, "It's all going to be OK".

New Year's Eve we brought our canoe down to the lake and paddled and swam under the almost full moon. The children thrilled by the mysteriousness of the night and all the sounds of the nocturnal rainforest.

Thinking of you so much and always thinking how AMAZING you are dear Betty. I will now add the Tagore piece I sent to you "privately" on Christmas for others to read as well.

Have just dug this piece out of my files, as I find it beautiful and reassuring too. It has been circulating in our family for many years.... passing it on to you all now, in case you have never come across it.

Peace, my heart, let the time for the parting be sweet
Let it not be a death but completeness.
Let love melt into memory and pain into songs.
Let the flight through the sky end in the folding of the wings over the nest.
Let the last touch of your hands be gentle like the flower of the night.
Stand still, O Beautiful End, for a moment, and say your last words in silence
I bow to you and hold up my lamp to light you on your way.

R. Tagore

Much, much love, Helen and Robert

Helen Weld and Robert Strachan <acme.oz@fastinternet.net.au>
Yungaburra, QQld Australia - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 00:06:04 (EST)
Betty&Peter- Sitting by the fire this last day of 98..snow is whirling around and so are our thoughts..Bud doing ok in his nadir period but it is slow going.....Thinking about those many evenings out at Hurricane sitting around @ your house with trustees old and new..sharing stories and laughs and memories and songs. No other Board has ever had anything like you, Betty. You were the icing on the cake at those meetings.

We're thinking of you this night and always with love, Debbie

Debbie Scott <SScott434@aol>
Lyme , CT USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 22:45:44 (EST)
It is New Year's Eve and Lindsey Durant just popped in. We are sittin' here thinkin' of you while the the eider and the golden eye are potterin' around the cove. It is low water of a spring tide. It is beautiful at low tide because that's when you can see all the ledges! And, flat calm to boot. We have been reviewing evreything from the Sears Bowl to this week and some laughs in between. But, our thoughts return to you two. May the wind be at your backs, and for sure no further ahead than your age(measured in degrees)Thoughts of dinner off Dix in Sept. XOX, Kathleen, Lindsey,Ross

Ross Sherbrooke < >
USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 16:34:27 (EST)
Especially loving thoughts are coming your way on this New Years
Eve, Betty. And to Peter, and your boys and all the family too.
We are headed to Brunswick to spend the evening and the night
with our kids down there. It is a quiet New Years for many of us.
We send you a heartful of love, now and always.
Mary and Jeff

Mary Wheelwright <Maryw@midcoast.com>
Camden, Me USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 16:24:50 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter,

Snow flakes swirl outside my office window and a light grey Hudson River moves slowly by just before dark, eight hours before a new year. New year's eve is always a time for reflection and reevaluation, of making better plans and thinking about how to live those plans. This evening functions much like a solo for me. It is comforting knowing that we don't have to blaze every trail ourselves in this life, and that graceful paths are often lit by guides such as you two. Thanks for going ahead, and for caring for those of us who follow.

May your evening be filled with peace and love.


Lewis Glenn <lewisglenn@compuserve.com>
Garrison, USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 16:12:44 (EST)
A peaceful and happy New Year to you both Betty and Peter. You have changed my life and in many ways saved my life. You have shown me courage and inspiration. Maya Angelou said that without courage, it is impossible to practice any of the other virtues. That is what you have given me.

May the same courage that you have taught so many others sustain you through the coming year. Love and peace, Nej.

Nejdat Mulla <nmulla@emerald.tufts.edu>
Somerville, MA USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 15:14:27 (EST)
Happy New Year Betty, I hope that you find '99 to be just fine. I have put this site on my favorites and browse it at work. My secretary thinks I am having "difficulties" because my eyes seem to be misty all the time. I hope that you are comfortable and surrounded by family and friends during the holidays.

Biz Van Gelder <OPatton448@aol.com>
Alexandria, Va USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 14:30:53 (EST)
Betty & Peter:

I sit here trying to find a way to tell you both how important you have been in my life. You taught me how to sail, but what I learned was self-confidence and determination, delivered with a quick smile and a constant sense of humor.

My life changed one day as I sat on the beach at Prouts Neck. It was the summer after my freshman year. I had just returned from a trip cut short. Betty said that maybe I should give POW a call at HIOBS. They are a bit "thin" on the waterfront, she told me. (I later came to appreciate what "thin" meant.)

I went that summer and for the next two. Maybe POW and Andrian and Lance and others taught me a little about being an Outward Bound instructor. But what I learned (I hope) was leadership. I watched it everyday from you both. It is, I believe, one of life's greatest lessons.

My memories of HIOBS are extensive, of course. One says something about the passage of time. One rainy day as I walked down the path near your house, I came upon Langley. He had fallen and broken his glasses. I picked him up and carried him over to your house, leaving him in the very competent care of his mother. That would be quite a trick today.

Peace and courage to you both. If there is anything I can do, ask.

All my ans Susie's love,

Woody Woodworth <asw@gatewayfinancial.com>
Boston, MA USA - Wednesday, December 30, 1998 at 14:07:52 (EST)
Hello, hello
I wish there were something I knew how to do to drive us back from death's doorstep, but there are no words nor deeds nor prayers, nor naught that change these blunt facts of life. So it is that the darkness is upon us. But every evening we light a candle for you at home that lives on our counter and is replaced when it sputters down and is relit again and again. And in this we find some measure of peace knowing that the light that you have lit with your life lives on in a thousand distant hearts and that we are only a spark away ourselves -- tiny fireflies and moths fluttering in and out of these same flames beating our furious wings against the night. May the flickering light of this faint message reach out somehow to the stars and bring you a long minute or a short moment of warmth. All our love, Philip and Jamien and the boys

philip conkling <pconkling@islandinstitute.org>
Rockland, ME USA - Tuesday, December 29, 1998 at 16:09:51 (EST)
Dear Betty, Peter and family,
I think of you so often and haven't sat down at my computer in the last couple of weeks. Mom spent Christmas with us and spoke of this wonderful mode of communication you have allowed all of us to be part of. She asked me to send you lots of love Betty and Peter and hopes someday that she too will be a computer wiz. She did say it would probably not be in the near future. We reflected on those glorious days on Hurricane with all 6 of us strong and Mom and Dad arriving to visit. What wonderful memories we all have. We are blessed to have Mom in the area now and as you well know there is nothing in my life that means as much as my family.
Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. We are sending lots of hugs. xoxo Caroline and Nancy Symington

Caroline Morong <beanie@midcoast.com>
Camden, me USA - Monday, December 28, 1998 at 15:54:09 (EST)
We've been thinking of all of you these Christmas days
and send our love and so many hugs. Just wanted to tell
you that we have kept you in our prayers and thoughts...
You are an indelible (sp?) force in our lives...and
clearly in so many others....We love you so much.
"O God of peace, who has taught us that in returning and
rest we shall be saved, in quietness and in confidence
shall be our strength: By the might of thy Spirit lift us,
we pray thee, to thy presence, where we may be still and
know that thou art God."

Peace to you, Betty. Love, Sas

Sarah Bright <ssbright@tidewater.net>
Nobleboro, me USA - Sunday, December 27, 1998 at 17:43:58 (EST)

It is wonderful knowing you are there with POW and everyone keeping an eye on you. Thanks for being home and sitting in the sun and talking for a little while in June - the day keeps coming up in my mind when I need a good place to go. There are so many places where you all had such an effect on my life - for some reason I remember Rex howling at the main pier when you and POW were off the island and he was left behind - where did that memory come from??
I'm thinking the very best thoughts about you - there are a lot of us out here. Do you remember Lois Chalmers - she helped in the galley one or two summers? She always thought you were the most awesome. She knew what she was talking about. Thanks for being you, and having taken care of all of us in one way or another for all these years. With love, Bruce

Bruce MacAdam <rbmaca@aol.com>
York, ME USA - Saturday, December 26, 1998 at 16:04:18 (EST)
So nice to see everyone checking in at Christmas. Holly, Nora and I were the first shift in Cushing, arriving yesterday afternoon and having the traditional Christmas Eve dinner with B-Mom, POW and Chip of "meat loaf" (now lentil loaf) mashed potatoes, and string beans, followed by parfaits. We tried to find "The Night Before Chirstmas" without success, then tried it from memory with modest success. This morning we had pancakes, stockings and presents, then got underway so mum could rest up for the next crew. David, Cathy & Co. are there tonight, and the CSWs come tomorrow. So that is how we keep it low key. Mum was in great form for the various events, but had a hard night. Nevertheless, we all really enjoyed each other's company. Love to all and Merry Christmas.

Langley Willauer <langley@geoconnections.com>
Hope, ME USA - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 23:13:55 (EST)
Merry Christmas to you Betty and all the POW's from the D. Pratts.

David Pratt <dpratt@smtc.net>
Cape Elizabeth, me USA - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 15:42:09 (EST)
dear family Willauer. Getting used to this machine on Christmas morn, thinking alot about you in Cushing, sending prayers and love from Vermont. Debbie Scott got me thinking about what a great idea this. Sending love messages to someone who is as special as you,Betty. You have taught us alot and are going on teaching. Thankyou. The first time we met was on Hurricane when a friend and I came out in a whaler from Vinalhaven. You were upside down scrubbing the rug in your cottage. POW gave us the tour, and I recall thinking, what a great place, what a great couple. Then my course in 1983 confirmed it all, Merry Christmas. Love again from Middlebury.

Molly Scheu <edscheu@aol.com>
Hanover, NH USA - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 12:45:18 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter and all the family;
It is Christmas morning and we are thinking of you all
with heartfelt good wishes and love. Said a prayer for you,
Betty, at the beautiful service at St. Thomas's last night.
Daughter Molly went with us. They are here from Tucson and
ofcourse wish there was snow, but everyone is having fun
anyway. George and Nat and their families are around, and
soon we will all gather. But I just wanted to take a minute
to tell you again how much and how constantly you are in our
thoughts. Special Christmas love to all of you from
Mary and Jeff

Mary Wheelwright <Marywmidcoast.com>
Camden, Me USA - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 10:54:29 (EST)
Merry Christmas and God Bless us Everyone

Frank Blair <frankblair@aol.com>
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 21:34:46 (EST)
Dear Betty,
Oliver just introduced us to this possibility. It is
5:10 Christmas Eve. Mary is in the kitchen cooking up a
storm, and Oliver (just back from last minute shopping!)
is working on the tree. Mary does not know what I am doing
-- and that it is the greatest thing that I could do today!
And she thinks I am the Grinch who stole Xmas!
Anyway, we love you very much, Betty and hope that I'll
see you up there sometime later when I take that long journey!
Don Bradshaw

Don & Mary Bradshaw <donsbrad@together.net>
Weston, VT USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 17:20:18 (EST)
Dear, dear Betty,

We are thinking about you on Christmas eve, with love and prayerful thoughts. Jim said you are taking this journey a little earlier than the rest of us, and we wish you many blessings in this new life. In the Baha'i writings the next life is described as being like a bird released from its cage. And so you will be free. Merry Christmas, and our love to you, precious Betty, and to Peter and your dear family. Jim and Barbara
This is part of one of my favorite prayers:
". . . O my Lord, they thirsted, Thou didst lift to their parched lips the waters of reunion. O Tender One, Bestowing One. Thou didst calm their pain with the balm of Thy bounty and grace, and didst heal their ailments with the sovereign medicine of Thy compassion. O Lord, make firm their feet on Thy straight path, make wide for them the needle¹s eye, and cause them, dressed in royal robes, to walk in glory for ever and ever."
Excerpt from Baha¹i Prayers, page l68

Jim and Barbara Markert <BYMarkert@aol.com>
Wellesley, MA USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 17:15:49 (EST)
Noah and I wish all of you at the Willauers and in cyberspace a very Happy Christmas
from the land of natural gas and rattlesnakes. Our thin Texan blood has been chilled
by the latest cold front which brought us down from a high of 80 to a low of 26 in little
over 8 hours. That's what we like about the south. It really feels like what passes for
winter here now. Fond regards from the Buck boys.

Eric Buck <ebuck@gsc-inc.com>
Austin, TX USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 17:00:29 (EST)
By the way, our email address is EdScheu@aol.com. Special greetings to you, Peter and all the family. It's cold up here! We've just been walking to warm up.

Molly Scheu <EdScheu@aol.com>
USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 16:25:32 (EST)
Hi, we're in middlebury Vermont with the Ted Scheus for Christmas. We are sending our love and special good wishes from here to you in Maine. Had lunch with Ross and Kath SHerbrooke this week. They looked well and we had a few laughs. Glad to get hooked in to your website with Jamie Scheu, our grandson who knows all about these machines. We've got to get with it. We'll be back again soon.

Molly Scheu <none>
Middlebury, VT USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 16:17:44 (EST)
Good morning Betty - thinking of you this Christmas Eve as I listen to "Lessons & Carols" from Kings College, Cambridge.May you hear a carol today that fills your heart with the love of Christ & the joy of Christmas. We love you and send big hugs - Mary & Bob

mary johnstone <maryj@jboats.com>
Charleston, SC USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 11:22:36 (EST)
Betty dear - so good to hear your voice this morn. Hope the procedure goes well today & you have a bit of added energy for kids at Christmas!
Bob & I are thinking of you & remembering so many good times...weekends at Smith & Princeton, visits to Hurricane, Islesford, Belmont, phone calls & letters & lunches in between. We have shared so much of our lives...you are part of the fabric of ours, and always will be.
I have to thank you again for saying to me from the upper bunk in Parsons House, "Marry that guy, Mac, ..He's the marrying type!" Good advice, deah!
God bless you, Betty, and Peter too, and alll your great kids & grandkids. We love you and send BIG HUGS -

Mary & Bob

Mary Johnstone <maryj@jboats.com>
Charleston, SC USA - Wednesday, December 23, 1998 at 11:04:23 (EST)
Betty and Peter, Pen was thoughtful enough to fill me in on your struggle together. 6 years ago Alice and I went through the same. Each additional day together is a blessing. Betty every time I see you or hear your name I remember that
Proctor Trustee night sail when you took on the role of comforting mother for on of our more stressed out crew
members. His head was in your lap the entire sail. I know that you are getting that same loving care now.
My love to you and Peter

David Fowler <mrchops@aol.com>
Santa Fe, NM USA - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 20:39:07 (EST)
I owe the logbook an update, which I have been trying to write the last few days, and didn't know what to say, as this has been such a roller coaster, and the dips are getting deeper. In any case, Betty is much weaker now, more so each week as reported by close friends and family, but we are expecting to make it through the holidays; and look forward to seeing all the family...in small doses! Wednesday Betty has another lung tap which will literally give her more breathing room for Christmas. She is resting more, probably will not make the Christmas eve service, can no longer get out to walk (and who can today with an artic cold front slamming through with gusts to 50 as I write), and, I think, "letting go" a little and trying not do as much, if anything. She especially enjoys the couch in our den with legs up, oxygen on (more than the required 6 feet from a continuous fire); or lying on her side in bed from which she can see the lighted tree. Again, we both thank you for all the different forms of communication, public and private; it fun too to learn that you are now talking to one another. A very Merry Christmas to all of you and your families, and stay in touch. If you call and catch the phone on, it means she is awake, but if you get to talk with Betty, by chance, please do all the talking, and keep it pretty short, as conversation takes a lot of energy. We love you back.

Peter Willauer <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, ME USA - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 13:13:21 (EST)
Dear Betty and friends

I am filled with emotion as I reflect on the many years we all spent together making magic happen. Nowhere in my life have I encountered anything like the positive energy created by the entire Outward Bound Community. As founders and leaders Betty and Peter made it possible for so many people to be exposed to the experience of approaching life with exuberence health and joy. Thank you so much for being yourselves.

I am married to Suzie Laskin and living in the Mount Washington Valley. My glass studio is up and running in New Hampshire. Currently I am working on projects that include furniture, sculpture, lighting and tableware.

Betty I hope you can find laughter anywhere it is lurking. I experienced cancer in my early 20's and was lucky enough to get through it ok. I remember that it seemed harder for the people around me to deal with the situatuion than it was for me. Hang in there and enjoy the little pleasures.
Love, Bert Weiss

Bert Weiss <bertglass@bigfoot.com>
South Chatham, nh USA - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 11:05:22 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter:
I'm getting ready to head down east Wednesday for Christmas in Lincolnville with the Sampson clan, Gus and Toddy, and Dad. I hope that I get to see you--let me know if there might be a good time for a short visit. Meantime please know that I'm thinking of you, praying that you're comfortable. Lots of love to you both, Beezie

Beezie Bickford <elizabeth_bickford@stgeorges.edu>
Newport, RI USA - Monday, December 21, 1998 at 14:28:14 (EST)
Dearest Betty,
Our relationship is frozen in time. When I think of you I am 20 and you are not much older than I am now. Since that time I have carried all that I learned from you in my heart.
Often, in the past 15 years, I have wanted to ask you to please write a book about parenting. You seem to be the best example of a mom that I ever met. You gave me a model of what I wanted to be as a woman. I'm not there yet, but I am still proud of how far I have come.
This year my parents are building a house in Boothbay as a retreat and gathering place for their grandchildren. I will be spending a few weeks there each summer. At least once in their lives, my four children will go to Outward Bound. And every year, as I look out over the water towards Monhegan Island, I will think of you and rededicated myself to all that you stood for in my life; character, discipline, love, hospitalty, curiousity, joy, intelligence, engagement and vitality.
What a life you have had! The gifts that you have given will be passed on forever. What a blessing it has been for all of us to have crossed your path. Thank-you!
With Love & Gratitude Eternal,

Cynthia C. Gerard <materterra@aol.com>
Charleston , SC USA - Monday, December 21, 1998 at 11:39:34 (EST)
Dear Betty, Peter, Langley, Charlie, and David, Thank you for the many gifts you have given us all through the last 25 ar 30 years. the web page Langley, may be one of the best of those gifts, for it has given us all a forum to send our love and cherished memories to Betty, and to realize what a remarkable community we have had the privilege of belonging. I can only describe my friends and memories of Hurricane Island as precious and inspiring. How did you do it? How did you ever create the love and compassion that flows through cyberspace as we gather at your side during this difficult hour. Thank you a thousand times for your stuff...that Betty stuff, that laugh, that energy, that willingness to take it on. Your life continues to inspire me every day. My boys and I send you and all of your wonderful family our love and hugest hugs. Please know that you are not alone in this hour , the powerful love of entire community surrounds you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day. Love Mary, Will , and Charlie.

mary moran <mmoran8783@aol.com>
winnetka,, IL USA - Monday, December 21, 1998 at 09:46:18 (EST)
Dear Betty (and Peter and Charlie and David and Langley)

Start with the old days – living in the tent behind your house on the island, those first days living in a real honest to God community (one of the things I value most in my life to this day and miss most when I’m not doing it ).

I remember always feeling like a newcomer – all you oldies had been there forever (and now I realize that people even think that about me). But it was TRUE of you. You were there at the beginning and you created that community. We all had mothers some where else, but you were our mom away from mom.

And reading what is here it is clear how many many people you have touched and supported. And all we want is to be able to do the same for you. Hugs and kisses. Be well today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Michael McCann <mmcan@ibm.net>
South Venice, FL USA - Friday, December 18, 1998 at 00:33:38 (EST)
Dear Betty, Hello! Peter came to my office today to conduct some business, and was kind enough to invite me to take part in this wonderful page. I miss having you come into my office on an almost monthly basis. You have always been kind to me. I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and praying for you! ...Beth

Beth Deane <macbeth@midcoast.com>
Thomaston, ME USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 17:47:04 (EST)
Dear Betty & Family,
Thanks for coming to the Down East Singers concert at Rockport Opera House last Sunday. I know I speak for the entire group when I say it was a joy for us to see you there! I hope you liked what you heard. Please let me know if you'd like a tape of the co ncert. It'll also be on the radio this Sunday 12/20, on WRKD in the afternoon and WMCM around 8 in the evening. Sorry to be vague about the times but they were vague with us. Thanks again for making the effort to be there. All your fellow singers were ve ry moved to see you there, Betty! Love to all, Tony and Down East Singers

Tony Antolini <aantolin@bowdoin.edu>
Brunswick, ME USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 15:53:35 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter, Just a line to say we are off tomorrow to 1st, AZ, then to a Special Expeditions trip to Baja, then back to AZ where we join family and explore the great southwest. I am now packing for hot and cold, wet and dry,and find my Maine clothes fit the bill just fine. Will have you in our thoughts as we travel, and hope the snows come, and Santa comes and you have lots of family around. God Bless,good cheer and all the salutations of the season! Sonia and Bud

Sonia Spalding <budson@midcoast.com>
Camden, Me USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 15:27:30 (EST)
Dear Betty and Peter,
I came to Outward Bound in 1983 through Beech Hill Hospital.
Until then I had journeyed through many dark places. HIOBS
provided me with a focus and a purpose that I had never had
before. Although I have only talked with Peter on several
occasions and met you Betty only once briefly, I feel that
I must say to you both, that it was the family that you
created at HIOBS that inspired me to continue to work with
Outward Bound. Your impact on my life has been profound.
Although I cannot speak of recalled times in your company,
I can speak of 8 years of service with HIOBS and continuing
service with NYCOBC, to the many young people from around
the country who benefit from your dreams and love and
hard work. As I read the Logbook,I realize that wealth
cannot be measured by how much one has accumulated,
but by how much one is loved by those she has touched.
Betty and Peter, thank you so much for your early vision
and it's impact on so many of us. In your most difficult
of times, you continue to exemplify those human traits
to which we all aspire. May God bless you and may you
Fare Well.

Lenny Beaulieu, New York, NY

Lenny Beaulieu <lendog1@juno.com>
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, December 16, 1998 at 21:24:33 (EST)
Dear Betty,

I know Barbara is trying to get up to see you in person soon, I will be holding down the home front with the kids but wish I could come myself. As it is, I am happy to have this way to visit with you and send my love.

I showed up on Hurricane Island at age 19 and I did a whole lot of growing up there. You were such an enormous part of that growing up, I truly feel like you are family in the largest sense of that word. The older I get, the more of life's twists and turn s I encounter, the more I realize how much I learned in those years, much of it from you and your family. Thank you for your interest and gentle guidence in the early years, and for your friendship in more recent years. You have changed my understanding o f what it means to be full of grace, joy, faith and tenacity, all at the same time under the most trying circumstances. That has helped me during my most trying times, and I deeply appreciate it.

A lot of memories have stacked up along the way. Chasing chickens on Hurricane. Hitch hiking up route 1 to Thomaston and calling for a ride to your house, then sitting in your kitchen for advice on life, love and career. You and Peter blowing up Somes Sou nd in Josephine, sweeping in to our dock, and walking up the pier fully dressed for our wedding! Visits together in the Keys. Eight Bells in Marathon in what I think was the first year you had her. Your apartment in Belmont just up the road, and seeing y ou on your walks and better yet having you arrive at our place spontaneously. Seeing Eight Bells anchor off my Mom's place in Maine and looking forward to sharing a sunset on our porch with you. In all those times and places, your hearty laugh.

You know our house in Belmont, and you can rest assured it is buzzing now with preparation for Christmas. The tree is up and the kids are all excited that Uncle Mike and Grandma are coming soon. Michael scored five goals in last weekend's hockey game, Na thaniel is loving his piano lessons, Adrian is determined to draw a dragon JUST RIGHT!, and Nick just can't keep his hands off the candy canes on the tree. I know Barbara will tell you about her London trip, and I just ordered my charts for next summer i n Nova Scotia. Life is good, we are so lucky, we try to count our blessings every day.

But it is so hard to say goodbye to you, I wish we could go on the way we have been for so many years. I hope we talk again, but if we don't, goodbye, good luck, I love you. You will be in my heart always, very much alive, over the horizon but sailing in the same ocean. I am so grateful we had our time together here. I wish you joy.

With much love,

Arthur Pearson <apearson@allenergy.com>
Belmont, MA USA - Wednesday, December 16, 1998 at 16:30:27 (EST)
Dear All - when I was ill, and especially since I pulled out of that trajectory, I have come to feel very special about this one photograph of mine.
I share it with you all....especially with Betty and family, As I said before, I hold you in the light. Love today...Peter

http://www.pralston.com/sundog.html (please try to visit just this one page)

Peter Ralston <ralston@mint.net>
Rockport, ME USA - Wednesday, December 16, 1998 at 11:33:44 (EST)
What a marvelous tribute to a beautiful lady! Nathalie Talbot called me today to tell me of this web site. I wish we had something similar nine years ago when Dunkin was ill.
Betty, my memories go back to Beaver days and Bob Coe, Woody Rowe, Lindsay Fischer and crazy days at Wigglesworth, Leverett House and Larch Road where Dunk's parents lived.
Your life has touched so many. I'm glad to send along my love, too.

Margie Taylor Adams <hknana@erols.com>
Alexandria, VA USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 22:42:40 (EST)
They removed more than three liters of fluid from the lung area this afternoon, and needless to say, Betty is breathing a lot better, is more comfortable, and has a good shot at Christmas! Your letters, e-mail, and log entries are so wonderful and overwhelming - so much love and caring that will always be remembered. Thanks, and Peace.

Peter Willauer <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, ME USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 21:23:25 (EST)
Dear Betty, Peter & Crew,

You are all very much in my heart in so many ways....fondest memories, bittersweet "now" thoughts, love for you all woven throughout.
When I think of spirit, real faith, strength, courage, zest, resolve, sparkle, good values, generosity (and so much more), you guys are about the first to come to mind.
I send my love from all of us at our home to all of you there....and hope that this newest voyage of yours will fare as well as it can. Knowing you as I do, you will make it
very, very special....another self-portrait of the core qualities you embody for so many of us. As you know, I almost beat us all reading this to the far-shore last year when I had my sudden
medical situation....an adventure, happily resolved, which left me with a deeply enriched feeling for the precious time we all have....and a strangely calm gratitude for what awaits us all someday.
Betty and Peter, you have quietly taught me a lot....largely by good example and I am ever grateful for all of it. You made me voyage easier and safer....and now I send back all of the love you
have sent me. I have never been accused of an overly developed degree of articulation, and words, if not feeling, fail me now. Again, I send my love and I share a piece which I encountered earlier this
year...I think it is exquisitely beautiful...and I am glad that I can share it with you now....and with those many others who are using this wonderful site to share their love with you and each other.
As Quakers say, I hold you in the light....and will always. Love, Peter Ralston

"I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just whe re the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says: "There she is gone!"

"Gone where?"

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!" there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: "Here she comes!"

And that is dying."
Henry Van Dyke....

Peter Ralston <ralston@mint.net>
Rockport, ME USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 17:57:13 (EST)
I have just opened mom.com for my weekly update to read the highs and lows of the week. The highs sound like they include your attendance to the concert, a crisp walk in the gentle December air, and loads of wonderful web entries; the note that made me tear and smile all at once is the virtual hug of the computer all the way from NYU. What a grand image. Im sending one along as well. Just can't resist! Peter and Langley, I so appreciate your inspiration of the Heavenly G in the evening sky and Vega in the early morning light. Orion now dawns the early evening sky punctuated by Jupiter and Saturn. Your friends from Florida to Australia can all stay connected through b-mom.com as well as through celestial friends! There is a lot to be thankful for.
Betty, Peter and family, take care this week.
With my thoughts to you. Liz

Liz Kay <nlprod@tiac.net>
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 13:34:22 (EST)
Jumped the gun a little two days ago with my "up" report as Betty had a major relapse which turned out to be a reaction to "the Patch". You'd think we'd (or somebody) would have these drugs figured out by now....Anyway, after her worst day to date (Friday) she's back to her old self today (without the morphine patch); and, having missed the concert Friday night is figuring in "cutting" church, and going to the repeat in Rockport Sunday afternoon...we are still blessed, and the tactless nurse w ho arrived this morning and said "you are still alive" can take a hike...in fact she is being replaced. More time on the Oxygen today, but she walked 20 minutes in the crisp December salty air. Take care. POW

Peter Willaur <pow@mint.net>
Cushing, ME USA - Saturday, December 12, 1998 at 21:41:19 (EST)
Betty and Peter --

That Langley! I'd say he's a keepah. Not only has he set up this website, but he managed, in only one short cybertutorial, to teach a pretechnological old fart to get onto it. Lovely here in the woods of New Hampshire -- bright sun on light recent snow fall. I'm burning brush down in the swamp, and smell like a Boy Scout troop in church on Sunday morning after a weekend in camp. Ida's up to her ears in kitchens down in her office, and only now and then emerges for nourishment.

Was just remembering this afternoon, as I read the entries from such wonderful old friends -- Zuber, Robbins, Mays, Woody, Mojee -- those thrilling days of yesteryear (remember the Lone Ranger?). Jim Garrett picking us up in Vinalhaven during a nor'easte r and punching out one of the Mickey Finn's side windows on an errant spiling back at the main pier; then looking gentlemanly out to sea as Ida went up the ladder at low tide in a skirt. Adrian laid up in the infirmary (up over the kitchen) with a terrib le leg infection. Barry Crook and I teaching our watch all the wrong nautical terms. What a joy it was to see other watches gape at ours as they cried, "Stand by to bash the mizzen cringle! Trash the spooner! Bash the mizzen cringle! Trim the spooner !" Uh-oh! SOB (soul overboard)!" Bob Johnson and the Slocum crew sleeping in Sam Browne belts and washing dishes with those awful white helmets dangling from their belts. Teddy Douglas and Bridget Moger actibg as duty watch -- I have pictures to prove it! And the last day of the course, just after Chip Hansen and John Page had inadvertently dropped the end of the centerboard pennant of the Melly Bones, and she was about to knock her own bottom out with the banging in another nor'easter. Somebody had to dive down there and feed the end of the cable up through the pipe into the cabin. It was Peter, Gil Leaf, or I. Peter had the flu so bad he could hardly walk; Gil gave us to understand that Fessenden people didn't do that sort of thing (he's forgive n; he had saved my buns only days before during the infamous "Robert Montgomery 10-2 Episode); and that sort of narrowed it down. Do you have any idea how much I hate cold water? That centerboard looked about 15 feet long down to its lower tip, where th e cable was hanging. But -- ta da! -- it went up into the pipe first try, and we had it! I stood in front of the bread ovens in the kitchen to get warm. And then the next day, as Ida and I and the kids were headed through the Reach to catch the ferry, we passed Betty and Peter on the 'Bones, headed out for R&R. Betty, like Sam McGee, wore a smile you could see a mile, and Peter hollered over, "Goodby! Thanks! See you next year!" Neither of you, probably, ever knew how much that smile and that last sentence meant to a green young watch officer.

I hope, though, that you do know how much you have meant to us for so many years. It's difficult to imagine how our lives might be different if we had never met you. We think of you so often now, and are with you constantly in spirit. Love, Will and Id a -

Will Lange <will.lange@valley.net>
Etna, NH USA - Saturday, December 12, 1998 at 15:20:30 (EST)
On Sunday night POW and B-Mom came over for pizza, salad, and beer to christen my new office in Camden. Then we all went to the "Ann Dodson and Friends" concert at the First Congregational Church. Ann Dodson has a lot of friends, with a lot of talent, and the place rang with harmonies. Great fun. Mum, I remember when you and David started the guitar together when we lived in Concord (what was that teacher’s name?), and David took off with it. What joy all that music has brought us over th e years. Let’s do more over Christmas.

The balmy days mentioned earlier have given way to real winter, with snow and everything. The star watching has be grand, with the Heavenly “G” gracing the evening sky, and Vega rising in the dawn, the first sign of spring!

Regarding the site, thank you all for the kind words, but know that I only provided the idea for the forum. A talented friend did the technical stuff; your contributions, and of course my most remarkable mom, are responsible for what it’s become.

Love to all, and especially you mum! -lw

Langley Willauer <langley@geoconnections.com>
Hope, ME USA - Friday, December 11, 1998 at 10:05:06 (EST)
Dear Betty,
Sarah Bright has just informed us of your website and I have been immersed for the morning reading your news and the messages from friends. It is not surprising to read how many people love and admire you. You and Peter have touched many people l ives over the years in such a positive way. I feel privileged to be part of the circle and regret that we are geographically so far away during this time as I would love to lend a hand to all of you. I feel so grateful that you are seeing Dirk and imagin e he would be a great source of strength. I am in awe of your courage, wisdom, humour (to name just a few of your attributes) as you continue to be an inspiration to all.
I remember first meeting you when I started working at Miles in 1985 after Robert and I had just moved to Maine. We didn't get to sit around much and chat on those evening shifts, but I knew from the instant that I met you that you were a very special woman and that becoming better acquainted would be a major treat. At that time I was pregnant with Ian, our first, and you were always terrific, sharing perspectives of motherhood in a very self effacing and fun manner. At that time you felt to m e a bit like a mother, sister and friend, as well as a coworker. My first assessment of the shift ahead was always to see if your car was in the parking lot. If it was, I always felt as though I had struck gold. I knew that no matter how hard an evening l ay ahead we would all be blessed by your presence, good humour and good sense. You were an anchor for everyone.
You invited us to your 50th birthday party which was a privilege, since we had only met recently. We were probably your newest friends there, but I remember feeling very lucky to be in the midst of your wonderful family and friends in your c ozy home.
When you moved to Belmont and we were in the blur of raising three small children, we lost touch a bit. I am grateful that we managed to have some good "walkietalkies" last year when I would stop in for a visit after seeing Dirk. I would re turn home feeling revitalized by your energy!
The summer before we departed for another stint in Australia, it was such fun to have you and POW dock at Salt Marsh Cove for the night after sailing up the Damariscotta. That was a fun evening. A campfire on the riverbank, a wonderful vie w and wonderful company....the last time I saw you was early the next morning as you took off with the ebb tide. I grabbed the binocs at the bedside and waved you off into the rosy dawn. You were at the helm and POW stood at the bow. It is a good image. Now we are here and you are there. I am about to sign off for now and go for my daily swim (this isn't only exercise, it becomes a time of reflections and meditations as well) in the volcanic crater lake in the rainforest down the road from our place. I will swim in your honour and pray that you continue to have "up" moments and that you feel the love and gratitude for you coming from this side of the earth.
We are thinking of you all very much and appreciate the website "connectedness". It really makes a difference feeling a bit more in touch. Thank you.
Much, much love from Far North Queensland,
Helen and Robert

HELEN WELD AND ROBERT STRACHAN <acme.oz@fastinternet.net.au>
Yungaburra, Qld Australia - Friday, December 11, 1998 at 01:19:22 (EST)