Here are 15 photos of B-Mom. These were displayed as posters at the service.

1. Betty and Charlie, Peter Kauffmans's wedding, 1984

2. Archer Willauer and Betty at Archer's Christening, 1998

3. Langley, Betty and David at Prouts Neck, 1988

4. Betty with new threads, underway in the tropics, 1989

5. POW and Betty bundled up

6. Betty and David at "40 Years of The Sing," Prouts Neck, 1995

7. Betty's father, Langley Isom, taking the bride to the chapel, 1956

8. Langley, Betty, David and Charlie, Bickford's hockey pond, 1971

9. Betty in Hawaii, 1986

10. Bermuda, 1966

11. Betty, Langley and Rex, Groton, 1967

12. Young Betty Isom

13. POW, Charlie, Betty, David and Langley, off to Hurricane Island, circa 1970

14. POW watching Betty christen the new M/V Hurricane

15. Captain Betty at the helm of Valgerda